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IXL Football Academy Strives to be the largest and most professionally run football academy in the UK, offering all levels of development and competition from ages 4 to 16. Every training session is run by licensed, professional coaches who follow a curriculum that develops both the player and the person. Through their dedication to mastering the sport of football, our players not only learn to love the “beautiful game.” They build strength and stamina, self-esteem, and sportsmanship.


Starting at ages 4-5 with our Development Academy, IXL Football Academy has a professionally-developed curriculum designed to teach the skills eventually needed to play at the highest levels, taught by football professionals in age-appropriate ways. The goal is long-term development and nurturing love for the game; winning matches is the eventual byproduct, not the focus.


All of our sessions are designed around ball mastery. Ball Mastery or technical skill is a player’s ability to control the ball quickly and close to their foot. All sessions are oriented around maximising each player’s foot contact with the ball. In each session, they will learn something new or go over something they have already learned to refine their technique. Our coaches aim to get players to love manipulating the ball with their feet while playing fun games. While the children are playing these games, they are steadily developing key attributes they will need if they choose to play competitive football. The more a player touches the ball, the better they will be when in possession of the ball.


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The MIni Academy (4-7 Years old)
The Mini Academy is an introductory period for children, which is why we are committed to creating a nurturing atmosphere for our youngest players.  A positive, distraction-free environment is key to developing player’s confidence and willingness to take chances without fear of failure. Confidence is another key foundation for young players. When they master possession of the ball their confidence will grow. This age group is not only about player development but also social development as they are learning how to become teammates while playing a sport they enjoy. Players are expected to learn at their own pace and capacity.  We just want them to have FUN while playing soccer.


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The Youth Academy (8-12 Years Old)
The Youth Academy represents the beginning stage of our youth player development model. All players compete at appropriate levels of competition based on age and ability, which range from local leagues to wider-ranging regional leagues and tournaments. The Academy has a highly-structured curriculum with regular player evaluations giving feedback on individual technical development and skills shown in competition. The U8-U10 years focus on individual technical development with a smaller concentration on team tactics. At U11-U12, technical development progresses toward the passing game, with a heavier concentration on tactics.


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The Junior Academy (13-16 Years Old)
The Junior Academy represents the intermediate stage of our youth player development model. All players will compete at appropriate levels of competition based on age and ability ranging from national to local. This program focuses on tactical development with continued emphasis on individual technical development. Through a structured curriculum and regular player evaluation and feedback, the foundations are established for athletic development and football IQ building. These intense training sessions are designed to get players ready for scholarship placements and to help players catch the attention of professional and semi professional clubs.


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Experience one of our weekly Academy training sessions & receive a player assessment before joining IXL Football Academy.

You will receive:

UEFA & FA qualified coaches delivering our training sessions
A IXL Football Academy training session that follows our unique syllabus
A IXL Football Academy training session that improves a players Technical and Athletic ability
Each Player receives a free player assessment following the FA 4 Corner Model





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